Business Security System Contractors

Business Security System Contractors – 888-344-3846 – Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. designs, installs, repairs and upgrades Business Security Systems in Contractors PA, Philadelphia PA, Scranton PA, Harrisburg PA. With the exception of a cash register or POS and a credit card machine Business Security Systems are the most important investment a business owner can make. NRSEC provides alarms, access control, video surveillance, entry systems, intercoms, outdoor wireless cameras fro clients of all sizes. Our client list includes police departments, municipal buildings, government, international companies, regional companies and local small business.

NRSEC is a Commercial Security Installation Company serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey

and Delaware with Business Security System Contractors PA, Philadelphia PA, Scranton PA and Harrisburg PA. Our team of experienced professionals use all the equipment available to design a Business Security System to your exact requirements. Our installations include 3 to 5 year warranty on parts labor and installation. We use the correct materials for the application to insure long term service and reliability. Low bid is not our game, we prefer to install systems with long term reliability and lowest cost of ownership. A low bid installation will reduce the life of your system and cost you more with service calls than you will ever save.

Business Security System Contractors include alarm systems with motion detectors, door contacts, glass break sensors, beam sensors, co2 sensors, heat sensors, smoke detectors and custom sensors as needed to protect your facility.

Business Security Systems are not complete without a video surveillance system. Business Video Surveillance provides more that just alarm verification. Business Video Surveillance documents all activities in and around your facility.

or days, months, or years depending on how much you invest in storage. Business Video Surveillance provides tools for management to include training opportunities, promotes safety, provides accountability (no one does everything?), documents accidents, protects equipment tools and inventory.

Business Security System Contractors often utilize Business Access Control Systems.  Business Access Control Systems are the best way to secure your doors. Unlike keys access control credentials are easily deleted. Access Control systems are also programmable so you can deny access after hours or on holidays. Many clients even allow access based on the employees schedule. Access control logs entries and attempts for entry and end users may program alerts of activities. Additionally features may include door held open alerts and alarms, we customize all our system based on each individual clients needs.

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