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HD video surveillance upgrades Philadelphia Contractors – Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC installs commercial HD video surveillance. Current commercial video surveillance technology in the Philadelphia and Contractors includes analog and IP video surveillance. Many commercial video surveillance customers with legacy CCTV can benefit from new Hybrid Analog HD video recorders. Hybrid technology accepts legacy CCTV cameras and wiring on the new digital video recorder. This technique makes it much easier to upgrade older installations were completed at the time of construction when wires end up buried in walls and between buildings in Philadelphia where drywall ceiling construction is prevalent.

New HD Analog video surveillance upgrades cover more extensive areas with fewer cameras and have features that make HD video surveillance upgrades Philadelphia more economical than ever. Now it is possible to add a few IP surveillance cameras onto an analog system with hybrid technology.

Modern analog HD video surveillance cameras are available in 5 megapixels, and more businesses may benefit from analog security camera technology. The downside is that every security camera requires a direct connection to the video recorder. IP video surveillance is more flexible using Network Protocol technology. With IP video surveillance adding a camera can be as simple as adding a power over Ethernet switch. One main wire that feeds back to the network video recorder can handle all the cameras and makes sense for large installations.

IP HD video surveillance offers more surveillance camera options and megapixel video surveillance cameras to 30 Megapixels. Multi-imager video surveillance cameras may replace four cameras and provide a clean installation at hallway intersections that would typically require four individual cameras. IP video surveillance cameras are also available in 360 fisheye configurations and with manufactures dewarping software the easily provide 4 or more dedicated images as set by the end user.

IP HD Video surveillance may not be the best choice for all commercial HD video surveillance applications. For clients with applications that benefit from more significant coverage are than five-megapixel cameras can appreciate the flexibility of IP video surveillance cameras that are available from 5 to 30 Megapixels.

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