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AI Video Surveillance Camera Systems provided by Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC.  AI Video Surveillance Camera Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Municipal applications provide end users with results and easy to use video surveillance. Artificial Intelligence for Video Surveillance Applications is changing video surveillance from reactive video review to proactive intervention.

AI Video Surveillance Camera Systems

AI solutions from our partner Avigilon a Motorola Solutions Company

AI Video Surveillance Camera Systems accurately classify vehicles and people using pattern based motion detection. End users benefit with the precise capture of motion events. Traditional video surveillance camera systems utilize simple pixel based motion detection. Pixel based motion detection records nearly every pixel change in the security camera image.  Pixel based motion triggering for recording is triggered by wind, sun, clouds, rain, clouds, lights and virtually any change in the picture. Pixel based recording requires more storage, more time to review events and prevents the ability to accurately alert security and end user of events in progress.

AI Video Surveillance Camera Systems provide end users and security teams with advanced features to include:

  • Self Learning Video Analytics Technology with teach by example
  • Preventative Protection – Perimeter protection alerts of people and vehicles
  • Appearance Search – Sort through hours of video surveillance in moments
  • License Plate Recognition – search and find captured license plates quickly
  • Unusual Motion Detection – system learns typical activity of a scene and will detect and flag unusual motions
  • for more details of AI visit our partner Avigilon a Motorola Solutions Company

 AI Video Surveillance Camera Systems coupled advanced Video Management Systems allow security camera systems users the flexibility to search precise areas in the recorded images. High Definition IP Surveillance cameras of 2 megapixels to 30 megapixels now provide users with the ability to zoom into archive images with details that were once reserved for PTZ cameras. The problem with PTZ cameras is they can only record the image they are zoomed into. The HD video surveillance cameras record a large image and allow you to zoom into details later so you never miss anything.

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AI Video Surveillance Camera Systems


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