Security System Sub Contractors

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC provides business security monitoring for a wide variety of security systems through our network of state-of-the-art monitoring centers. Serving the Northeast US.  Our Infrastructure reliability meets or exceeds regulatory requirements. We use monitoring centers that are UL Certified and FM approved to provide business alarm monitoring, service dispatching, technical assessment and support services.

We believe that transparent data delivery and analytics are core services that add value to the customer experience. We provide multiple data access, reporting, and analytics tools to help our customer use the data we collect to improve their security programs and lower costs.

  • Critical Condition Monitoring

    Keep your premises operational while protecting your employees and equipment with monitored sensor protection against excess levels of water, carbon monoxide, out of range temperatures, electric and other related conditions. Northeast Remote Surveillance critical equipment sensors can be configured to monitor, measure, record and report a wide range of data. We will work with you to create a network of sensors that meet your specific needs.

    Our critical condition monitoring platform helps to keep your sites safe and are even more important when your equipment is unattended. You can safeguard costly and critical equipment in your commercial building, such as copper wiring, and be alerted in the event of tampering. We can even monitor assets at remote facilities without power or telephone lines using solar power and cellular networks.

  • Asset Monitoring

    Asset sensors will also alert our Northeast Remote Surveillance Monitoring Center when someone is disturbing a specific asset. We can configure asset sensors to protect your copper wiring, the computer lab or virtually any object of value.

  • Backup Communications

    In many applications backup communication is critical to ensure delivery of alarm signals in the event of communication outage or intentional tampering. We offer multiple communication and supervised test signal interval options to help ensure that your system can reach us at all times.